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The Adventure

The Adventure

Join in the adventure!

So how do you do that? Well, one of my favorite ways to create excellence thru play is by putting on costumes or disguises to go into an alternate reality (sometimes to sleuth!)! So what does that mean, you are an actress, right, isn't that just "acting"....

Yes, sort of, but it's more specific to what I do; let me give you a few examples:

  • Jennifer Garner in ALIAS: as an international spy, she was required to put on not only amazing costumes/disguises but sometimes even whole personae to undertake thrilling adventures.
  • Amy Adams in ENCHANTED: a 2D fairy-tale princess that is magically thrust into the gritty 3D reality of New York City.
  • Sandra Bullock in MISS CONGENIALITY: an undercover FBI agent forced to wear fantastic costumes as she plays the part in the colorful world of beauty pageants as she sleuths out the criminal.

These ideas gets my blood pumping. All of these characters use costumes or disguises to go into an alternate reality, often on fun, whimsical, crazy adventures. Creative innovative directors like Tarsem, Gilliam and Jeunet all apply this extreme aesthetic to great end. Think Alice In Wonderland and that's where you'll find me.

Ultimately for me, it is all about CREATING EXCELLENCE THRU PLAY! So, join me on my adventure, and welcome to the wonderful ride! 


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